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Actalena Light Battleship

A bridge between the cruisers and battleships of the Royal Space Navy
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Author Information
Basic Technical Specification Files
Class of Ship: Actalena
Type of Ship: Light Battleship
# of Vessels Built to Date: 34 vessels
Short Description of Vessel: Produced over the mid 2430s onwards through to the 2450s, the Actalena Class Light Battleship was developed in response to the rising costs of the maintenance of the large ship of the line maintained by the Rosebourg Monarchy. The costs of maintenance, which had been named as one of the biggest source of drainage on the Rosebourg treasury, forced the Rosebourg Monarchy to consider new vessels that were both cheap to construct, and cheap to maintain. The result was a lightly armored, heavily powered warship whose number of guns on the hull seems to be the predominant identifying factor of this vessel.

Fast in comparison to the Mary-Rosebourg class battleship, the Actalena Class Light Battleship could easily fall into the Heavy Cruiser category. Her hull is neither characteristic of a light battleship, yet the number of guns is unusual and greatly outguns most heavy cruisers. The Actalena Class Light Battleship benefits mostly of old and tested designs that keep the number of refits and upgrades down to the pleasure of the Rosebourg fleet?s expenses.
Length of Ship: 813.431 metres
Width of Ship: 426.184 metres
Height of Ship: 223.092 metres
# of Decks: 35 decks
Advanced Technical Specification Files

Name: R.M.R.S. Actalena
Rosebourg Monarchy Royal Navy Registry: RMRS 0042 (+33 sister ships)
Sister Ships Commissioned: R.M.R.S. Capricieuse, R.M.R.S. Diplomatique, R.M.R.S. Catherine de Raymond (amongst others)
Commissioning Date: Hyperdate: 435.07.05 (07th May, 2435)
Current Mission Assignment of Class: Strike warship for offensive operations against the Gohorn Directorate
Class: Actalena
Type: Light Battleship
Construction Site(s): Tutim Fleet Yards, Narandrew: Narandrew Star System

article index
page 1 - current : Vitals
page 2 : Brief History on the Creation of the Class
page 3 : Dimensions
page 4 : Crew Capacity
page 5 : Vortex Drive System
page 6 : Defensive System
page 7 : Laser System
page 8 : Anti-Fightercraft System
page 9 : Torpedoes System
page 10 : Missiles System
page 11 : Special Systems
page 12 : Support Craft
page 13 : Deck Analysis
page 14 : Module Layouts

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