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Asadan Destroyer

The Gohorn's trustworthy patrol and escort vessel
in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Starships > Velakor - Gohorn Ships
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Author Information
Basic Technical Specification Files
Class of Ship: Asadan
Type of Ship: Destroyer
Primary Mission Task: Defence & Patrol
Short Description of Vessel: In an effort to increase the size of the fleet by a large proportion and to cut down on starship costs the Gohorn Engineering Corps released designs for a small attack ship, the Destroyer. It became obvious that if the Gohorns wanted a large fleet then they would have to build small, powerful ships and not the larger more heavily armed vessels they had built in the past. The Asadan is the eighteenth destroyer model, with refinements to the engines and weapons.

The Gohorn Directorate's destroyer fleet is far inferior in numbers to that of the Rosebourg Monarchy, however its emphasis does not lie in destroyers as with the Monarchy, but in the larger warships. The Asadan class destroyers, though dangerous on their own, provide support for the larger ships in fleet operations.
Length of Ship: 472.724 metres
Width of Ship: 214.365 metres
Height of Ship: 78.144 metres
# of Decks: 15 decks
Advanced Technical Specification Files

Name: Gohorn Destroyer Asadan
Velakor Registry: 852-654-753
Sister Ships: GDS Unart, GDS Fremon, GDS Ilayan (among others)
Commissioning Date: Hyperdate: 490.25.12 (25th of December, 2490)
Current Assignment: Patrol and Escort along the Terran/Gohorn front
Class: Asadan
Type: Destroyer
Classification: Patrol Vessel
Construction Site: Shipyard B114, Krallen System

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page 2 : Brief History of the Creation of the Class
page 3 : Dimensions
page 4 : Crew Capacity
page 5 : Vortex Drive System
page 6 : Defensive System
page 7 : Weapons Systems
page 8 : Special System
page 9 : Support Craft
page 10 : Deck Analysis
page 11 : Module Layouts

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