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Backra Light Destroyer

The Gohorn's gap filler
in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Starships > Velakor - Gohorn Ships
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Author Information
Basic Technical Specification Files
Class of Ship: Backra
Type of Ship: Light Destroyer
Primary Mission Task: Escort
Short Description of Vessel: The Backra Light Destroyer was originally approved because large quantities of this vessel can be produced in the shortest amount of time. They do not act as scouts like the Worsam class class can because they do not have the necessary speed. The War Admiral at the time of the Backra's construction believed that swarm tactics would be the key to the Gohorn success in battle and so endorsed the mass production of Backra class ships. They were built to move in packs of no less than three, these vessels do not operate well alone and nor were they ever intended for lone combat.
Length of Ship: 430.428 metres
Width of Ship: 186.245 metres
Height of Ship: 52.074
# of Decks: 10 decks
Advanced Technical Specification Files

Name: Gohorn Light Destroyer Backra
Velakor Registry: 564-875-246
Sister Ships: GDS Falkran, GDS Tashak, GDS Graman (among others)
Commissioning Date: Hyperdate: 485.16.10 (16th of October, 2485)
Current Assignment: Escort Missions
Class: Backra
Type: Light Destroyer
Classification: Escort Vessel
Construction Site: Gohorn Main Shipyard, Gohorn Prime: The Gohorn System

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page 2 : Brief History of the Class
page 3 : Dimensions
page 4 : Crew Capacity
page 5 : Vortex Drive System
page 6 : Defensive System
page 7 : Weapons Systems
page 8 : Special System
page 9 : Support Craft
page 10 : Deck Analysis
page 11 : Module Layouts

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