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Terms of Service

Terms of service regarding the use of New Worlds Project RPG
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New Worlds Project RPG: Game-Specific Rules

This section shall highlight rules and regulations which we are currently employing for New Worlds.

New Worlds is committed to providing as much freedom as we can to our roleplayers. We believe that it is very important to give our gamers as much freedom as possible in order to allow them to explore every facet possible of their characters and the New Worlds setting. Yet, as with any community, it is equally important that the "rules of engagement" are spelled out clearly. This way, both you and the New Worlds Administration can ensure the best experience possible.

We have separate rules regarding the actual use of the forums on Starport Nuribis Personal Access Network. Further information about this can be found on the forums themselves where we explain in great detail the accepted conduct on the forums. These are all common-sense guidelines which you can expect of any community website that seeks to welcome as many people as possible.

We then have additional rules related to the actual game play itself, explained below:

1) Whilst we would like to offer our writers as much freedom in their writing as possible, we would ask that writing not exceed an R (US) or 15 (UK) rating. This prohibits scenes of an intensely graphic sexual nature as well as descriptions of obscene horror or violence.

2) Without the permission of the author who first created that character, you may not arbitrarily kill off player-created characters without their prior consent.

3) If you want to write a story involving some kind of super-weapon or balance of power altering device, please contact us (Alex and Kim) for approval. Any unapproved use of such weapons will be severely reprimanded.

4) It is prohibited to copy work from other sources. "New Worlds" is an original universe; therefore we ask that you not borrow things from other science fiction universes (like Warp Drives, Star Destroyers, Klingons, Narns etc.) We recognise that some crossover of references may be necessary (since those universes use the general phrase like thrusters, bulkheads, sensors) but no major infractions of this rule will be permitted.

5) God-moding, that is the posting of "solves-everything" posts, is not allowed in New Worlds. Your starship, for example, cannot in one minute be participating in conflicts light years apart. Likewise, it is very unlikely for a light frigate to be able to destroy a heavy fightercraft carrier in one magical shot.

6) New Worlds Administration monitors all posts for continuity issues. Continuity ensures that all events in the New Worlds universe are actually connected and do not contradict. If you are approached by the New Worlds Administration with a request to adapt a certain part of your roleplay as a result of these continuity issues, you are kindly asked to comply.

7) Anti-social behaviour, in the form of "faction prejudice," will not be tolerated in New Worlds. The New Worlds Administration will take proactive steps to ensure that no "New Worlds cliques" develop. We ask that all members participate with one another without prejudice.

8 ) New rule as of March 2005: New Worlds is very concerned with ensuring that players interact with one another, as a result, New Worlds players are asked not to create threads before having found a co-writer who will assist in the writing of the storyline. Exceptions can be granted on a case-by-case basis by any of the New Worlds Administration.

9) New temporary rule as of May 2005: New Worlds has become very concerned about the unlikely proliferation of so-called "rogue, pirate, mercenary" type characters. As a result, a moratorium on such characters is in place indefinetely.

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