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Harto Battle Fighter

The staple fighter of the Gohorn fleet, packing a punch to make up for its lack of speed
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Name: Harto Class Battle Fighter
Gohorn Directorate Registry: BATTLE-3214576-K
Fighters Constructed To Date: 120,000
Last Refit & Modifications to Specs: Hyperdate: 491.05.17
Current Mission Assignment of Class: Battle Fighter
Construction Sites: The Krallen System, Hordan Prime

Brief History on the Creation of the Class
The Harto Battle Fighter is the upgraded predecessor to the easily destroyed "Yeswaq" class Combat fighter. The Harto is a vast improvement upon the Yeswaq, with better speed and more weapons. It came about after various disastrous incidents involving the aging Yeswaq and was quickly authorized by the Gohorn Engineering Corps after the scrapping of the Yeswaq class began.

The Harto has since become the staple fighter for the Gohorn fleet. Although slower than the staple fighters of the Terran Democratic Republic and the Rosebourg Monarchy, like all things Gohorn the Harto has a bite that more than makes up for its lack of legs. It is named after Admiral Harto, a figure from the first Terran/Gohorn war.

If pilots want to become a member of the Gohorn Directorate's Fighter Corps, then it is in the Harto that they are trained and prepared. Only a handful then go on to learn how to pilot the Heavy Battle Fighter or the Bomber, and fewer (normally those at the bottoms of every class) to pilot the Xarxan.

Length: 017.5 meters
Beam: 15 meters
Height: 01 deck (006.0 meters)

Crew Capacity
Maximum Crew Capacity: 001 pilot
Regular Crew Capacity: 001 pilot

Ion Drive System
Ion Drive Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Ion Engine Model: Dual-Speed-0187
Normal Cruising Speed: 23,000 kilometers per second
Maximum Cruising Speed: 25,240 kilometers per second
Emergency Speed: 27,600 kilometers per second
Maximum Speed: 29,500 kilometers per second
Destructive Speed: 29,501 kilometers per second

Defensive System
Counter Measures:
Countermeasure Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Countermeasure Type: Yavtak
Countermeasure Range: 25,000 kilometers
Countermeasure #: 2 (maximum 2)

Anti-Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
AMT Interceptors Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
AMT Interceptors Type: Garbot
Interceptors Range: 21,500 Kilometers
Interceptor #: 2 (maximum 2)

Laser System
Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Model: Lartokar
Output: 150 megawatts
Number of Laser Turrets: 2 (2 fore)

Missile System
Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Model: LLMN
Number of Bays: 1
Number Per Bay: 5
Maximum Ship Capacity: 6

Deck Analysis
01 Decks
Deck 01: Flight Control Cockpit, Power Generator, Dual Engines

Various Information
The Harto class Battle Fighters are the ships which one is likely to come up against in combat. They are made with no special emphasis, thus lacking any type of special systems and they have one purpose, to fight the fighters of opposing enemies. If the Gohorn Directorate could have its way, it would do away with fighter craft all together as small and needless, however in a universe where their greatest enemies biggest weapons are their fighters, the Gohorn Directorate must have something to counter this.

Very little money or effort are invested in the Harto class Battle fighters. This does not mean that they are flawed or incapable in someway, but simply that the Directorate has developed a fast factory process in which units can be turned out in batches and sent directly to the front lines. The Harto class fighter is not capable of operations inside an Atmosphere.

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