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Jarkat Heavy Battle Fighter

The Gohorn fighter of choice in combat situations
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in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Fightercrafts > Gohorn Directorate
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Name: Jarkat Class Heavy Battle Fighter
Gohorn Directorate Registry: HBATTLE-532-3243-A
Fighters Constructed To Date: 80,000
Last Refit & Modifications to Specs: Hyperdate: 496.04.30
Current Mission Assignment of Class: Heavy Battle Fighter
Construction Sites: The Krallen System, Hordan Prime, Gohorn Main Shipyards

Brief History on the Creation of the Class
The Heavy Battle Fighter is the Gohorn Directorate's preferred fighter combat method. With slower speeds and more weapons, the Jarkat was designed by War Admiral Turat to operate with Gohorn fleets. These fighters proved to be popular weapons platforms, providing (when used in numbers) effective attack and defensive possibilities. However, as is common with Gohorn vessels, the compromise for the Jarkat's added weaponry is a loss of speed.

The Jarkat is a popular choice for Gohorn fighter pilots, who are willing to compromise on their speed for the ability to destroy their enemies with single shots from the more powerful laser cannons. Gohorn battle strategy has always relied on an effective first strike to wipe out the enemy fleet and thus make their speed an ineffective attribute.

Length: 018.5 meters
Beam: 16 meters
Height: 01 deck (006.0 meters)

Crew Capacity
Maximum Crew Capacity: 001 pilot
Regular Crew Capacity: 001 pilot

Ion Drive System
Ion Drive Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Ion Engine Model: Dual-Speed-0259
Normal Cruising Speed: 20,000 kilometers per second
Maximum Cruising Speed: 22,540 kilometers per second
Emergency Speed: 24,650 kilometers per second
Maximum Speed: 26,300 kilometers per second
Destructive Speed: 26,305 kilometers per second

Defensive System
Counter Measures:
Countermeasure Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Countermeasure Type: Yavtak
Countermeasure Range: 25,000 kilometers
Countermeasure #: 3 (maximum 3)

Anti-Missile/Torpedoes Interceptors:
AMT Interceptors Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
AMT Interceptors Type: Garbot
Interceptors Range: 21,500 Kilometers
Interceptor #: 2 (maximum 2)

Laser System
Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Model: Lartokar-III
Output: 200 megawatts
Number of Laser Turrets: 3 (2 fore, 1 aft)

Missile System
Manufacturer: Gohorn Engineering Corps
Model: LLMN
Number of Bays: 1
Number Per Bay: 6
Maximum Ship Capacity: 6

Deck Analysis
01 Decks
Deck 01: Flight Control Cockpit, Power Generator, Dual Engines, Laser and Missile Control

Various Information
The Jarkat is a Heavy Battle fighter, and thus is slow but heavily armed. It does not work well on its own, and performs best when engaged in operations with a capital ship or in conjunction with other, faster, Gohorn fighters.

In a one to one battle with the equivalent Battle Fighter of any other race, the Jarkat would probably come off the loser because of its compromised speed, unless it was given the time to destroy the opponent fighter before the shooting and close combat began. This has meant that Jarkat fighters are only brought on to the battlefield when there is cover of capital ships. They work very well together in groups, acting like capital ships that can break up and spread the firepower around, however they are much in demand and thus spread thinly.

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