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Category: Partner Sites [Links to our official partner websites] (11)

Category: Partner Sites (11)
Links to our official partner websites
The Gungan Council
A massive Star Wars play-by-post roleplaying game established in 1999. This long-running roleplaying game is host to a vibrant community that we're happy to maintain relations with.
Star Army of Yamatai
Star Army of Yamatai is both a Play-by-Post and a Play-by-Chat RPG offering an all-original universe with a space military working to keep everyone safe from internal and external threats. The focus remains on individual characters and their experiences.
Imperia is an Advanced MFFRP (Medieval Free Form Role Play) group using an originally developed setting and storyline that features several detailed worlds, many different nations, and hundreds of complex characters and people.
Thar Shaddin
Thar Shaddin is a free message board for online play-by-post roleplaying. It's an interactive story in which writers collaborate to use their own characters in a unique medieval fantasy environment.
Chim?re Visual & Verbal Arts
an arts and lifestyle forum, with Gallery, specializing in poetry, parodies, and semi-literate conversation on a number of topic groups.
Kingdom RPG hosts a number of message and live chat games such as United Royal Court (courtly intrigue), Galactic Central Bureaucracy (sci-fi comedy), and more.
The Lands of Terrawin
We are a group of literate roleplayers, ranging from beginners to veterans. If you have been searching for creativity and originality, with that elusive hint of magic in an RP, then your search ends here! We are forum-based, active and free.
Mystical Realms
Mystical Realms is a well-established and unique Fantasy Story-Gaming Community that plays by chat. Free membership includes web space for character backgrounds and Realm development. Guilds, organizations and nations keep in touch easily through front-page news, forums or in their private club settings. Come explore!
Island of Elements
A highly interactive high fantasy creative writing site with a vast, detailed world full of all the classic favorite aspects of a high fantasy setting. Set up in a forum format, there is a spacious community open to new and different writers. IoE is an ever changing and ever expanding community with room for all creative minds.
Crescent City Sins
A New Orleans modern-day based role-playing game.
A mystical land filled with terror. Creatures lurking about as if they own the land. Are you one of those? Or a hero to conquer and make conquests? This is the tale of your own, nothing is set in stone. All things can be altered with the imagination to give you all that you need.

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