Gohorn Minor
Home system of the Ventaars, leaders of the "pro-Gohorn" camp
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General Information

Gohorn Minor appears to the naked eye as a military fortress. There are more military starships patrolling this star system than in any other star system in the Luna Minoris Confederacy. Gohorn Minor's traditions and culture are very similar to the Gohorns themselves. Gohorn Minor is, in terms of the club of the most influential Member States of the LMC, the economic weakling. Gohorn Minor's economy is dependent on the military maintaining exhorbently high costs. Gohorn Minor is expected to become a new economic centre should the LMC persue its plans to implement the 2490 First Paper on a Confederacy Military. These plans point Gohorn Minor as the likely location of the bulk of the shipyards to constructed the new Confederacy military.

Gohorn Minor I

A world characterised by extremely high volcanic activity. Incapable of supporting life. It is rumoured Gohorns sometime send their special forces here on training missions.

Gohorn Minor II

A world characterised by the high presence of deserts and craters, the planet has insufficient defences against the asteroids that come crashing down on the planet daily. Houses some of the LMC's worse prison facilities - decried by the LMC as violating the rights of sentient life.

Gohorn Minor III

Gohorn Minor III houses most of the military facilities of the Gohorn Minor star system. Most of the various ministries of Defence as well as Gohorn Minor's extremely efficient military training academies are located on Gohorn Minor III. The planet itself is a fairly warm planet, most of the planet's temperatures favours savannah-to-desert biomes.

Major Cities: Rigakto, Kazakran, Stroskys
Places of Interest: None
Government Locations: Ministry of War, Jar'Velakor Military Command, Jar'Remtaklar Military Command
Military Protection: The Ventaar Military Force
Orbit: Gohorn Minor Shipyards

Gohorn Minor IV

Gohorn Minor IV is 2/3rds the size of Earth, and yet houses most of Gohorn Minor's civilian population. Gohorn Minor IV is also the political centre of Gohorn Minor, a large number of corporations providing security-related products and services are also based here in order to get Gohorn Minor expertise.

Major Cities: Major Cities: Bar (seat of government), Radzak, Krank, Farcha
Places of Interest: The Monument to the Warrior, The Chambers of Military Stratagem
Government Locations: The Bar War Centre
Military Protection: The Ventaar Military Force, The Gohorn-Gohorn Minor Museum
Orbit:: Ventaar Battle Post I

The Bar War Centre
The Bar War Centre towers over the city, with huge towering spikes that point towards the sky. Command centre for Ventaar military operations, the Bar War Centre has been recognised as one of the leading sources of new strategies of ground combat. While the War Centre hasn't had to coordinate a war in many decades, the Centre remains poised and ready to coordinate a massive war at any time. Many of its halls are kept top secret, although it is known that massive amounts of funding go to the maintenant and upgrading of this centre every year.

The Monument to the Warrior
A very sobering experience, the Monument to the Warrior is a towering collection of swords, and pins and medals all welded together to form a 30 meter high statue of a Ventaar soldier. The monument was erected in memory of fallen soldiers of the Ventaar race.

The Chambers of Military Stratagem
A centre of military acadamia, the Chambers of Military Stratagemen are located on a historic military base. Here, large archives from all over the Known Universe of known military strategies, blunders and successes are kept in order to aid Ventaar soldiers become better tacticians. The Chambers have, since joining the LMC been progressively opened to the military personnel of other friendly powers.

Gohorn Minor V

Ice world of little use to Gohorn Minor's population.

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