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Briefings on the games officially partnered to New Worlds.
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Tazlure is a high fantasy play by post game, which has been running since the summer of 2001, and has 250+ active players. The core of our game is creative writing, storytelling and interacting with other players, with moderators to paint the picture and set the mood, without the use of dice. You will have to find the strength and originality of your PC in role playing and not on the basis of background. This is a 14+ site for Mature Teens and Adults with realistic themes.

Tazlure's website is located at

Basilicus isn't quite your traditional play-by-post game. Indeed, it is created with the vision of a one-stop shop for all things writers need is at last complete. Users are invited to write, read, discuss, world-build, play games, and generate as many resources as possible. All materials on this site are free to use elsewhere under the provisions of the GFDL.

Basilicus' website is located at

Kingdom RPG hosts a number of message and live chat games such as United Royal Court (courtly intrigue), Galactic Central Bureaucracy (sci-fi comedy), and more! Join them in their quest to create high quality games for high quality players!

Kingdom RPG's website is located at

Thar Shaddin
Thar Shaddin is a play-by-post freeform fantasy roleplay for creative writers. Writers collaborate to use their own characters in a unique medieval fantasy environment.

A note before you click the link, our partners: Thar Shaddin highlight that this site is NOT intended for children and may contain writing of a violent or sexually explicit nature.

Thar Shaddin's website is located at

The Gungan Council
The Gungan Council is a long-time running Star Wars play-by-post roleplaying community. This roleplaying community is amongst the largest of the Star Wars community online and plays host to a vibrant and friendly group of players. Can't wait for your chance to become the next Jedi Master? Don't wait now and join our partners.

The Gungan Council's website is located at

Imperia is a fantasy based, advanced freeform role playing game based on mIRC and hosted on the Sorcery network. It is a never ending epic between many forces, filled with riveting storylines, extensively fleshed out environments, and all the people, places, and things that bring fantasy roleplay to an entirely new level. An all too enveloping realm combined with a high standard of roleplay meshes together to make the best freeform roleplaying experience online.

Imperia's website is located at

Island of Elements
A highly interactive high fantasy creative writing site with a vast, detailed world full of all the classic favorite aspects of a high fantasy setting. Set up in a forum format, there is a spacious community open to new and different writers. IoE is an ever changing and ever expanding community with room for all creative minds.

Island of Elements' website is located at

Star Army of Yamatai
Star Army is set in a small galaxy some time in the future, where two empires are growing further apart. Earth's a legend, but humanity has survived in Nepleslia; Yamatai favors androids and considers humans obsolete. Peace is a rarity, carefully maintained in little havens while brutal politics threaten to split nations and desperate military forces fight war after war against alien invaders. Piracy is becoming increasingly common. Technology seems to have reached a bloody plateau.

From the lowest ranks of poor cyberpunks and mass-produced androids, a small group of unlikely heroes emerge, rising in skill, rank, and accomplishments. They gather their weapons, cautiously watching sensors for the next battle, gathered on the decks of starships, hoping to change the world, or at least make a few good friends along the way.

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