What is New Worlds?
The basic components and ideas behind New Worlds Project
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Welcome new visitor to the New Worlds Project. We are a science-fiction creative writing and play-by-post role-playing community. You have entered a website where sci-fi reigns supreme and where dreams come together in a platform of creativity.

On our website, you are able able to access a wide range of information about New Worlds and all the activities that take place around this amazing project. The "About" section is designed in particular to educate new visitors about the New Worlds environment.

We have tried to compile all vital information that any prospective member would need to know before he or she could participate fully in this community. Our effort here is to provide a general overview, although we warn that the information contained in this website is far from comprehensive.

If for any reason this website doesn't prove sufficient to answer any of your questions about the New Worlds game and creative writing project, please feel free to contact us using our contact form with any additional questions you may have.

We thank you again for your choice to visit our humble website,

The New Worlds Administration

As we mention in our welcome address, the New Worlds Project is a science-fiction creative writing project. What does that mean exactly? The New Worlds Project was formed years ago as a way of improving one's writing abilities in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

We are different from many creative writing projects in our approach. We use a common setting as the background to the stories we write. By using this common setting, we enable writers to interact with one another easily. By doing this, writers can choose to write solo, to write with a co-writer, or many co-writers. The Project thus provides a well-developed common frame of reference in order to enable a community to build around that frame of reference. Stories that are written as part of the creative writing project become interlinked with other stories.

Learning a common setting and learning to write with co-writers can be a challenging and enriching experience. To facilitate learning, all writers who join New Worlds Project participate in so-called "Target Locked" writing groups. In these writing groups, a moderator teaches you the ropes of the common setting. Once you have a firm grasp of the setting and the writing methodology, your experience and imagination are stretched to their full limit in "Weapons Free" where you can elect to write by yourself, in pairs, or with a writing group.

To date, the Project has led to the completion of several novels which now form an integral part of the setting.

Writers are able to build their stories either through the use of the role-playing game which we offer or through traditional methods of writing.

In the previous section we mention that writers are able to participate in the creative-writing project through the use of the role-playing game. The New Worlds Project is also an original "play-by-post" roleplaying game as well. The two
aspects of the Project, the role-playing game and the creative writing community both mutually support one another. Together they provide rich opportunities for writers to test the limits of the New Worlds Project setting.

To better understand what "play-by-post" (PbP) roleplaying is, we suggest you read the section "Play-by-Post Gaming?" We go into greater detail about play-by-post gaming

The role-playing game offers an alternative means of writing. Traditional methods of writing often are lonely exercises for a writer. The role-playing game, on the other hand, is unapologetically communitarian in its approach. Through its
approach, writers (turned characters) create, write, and finish stories jointly. The role-playing game thus offers the ultimate form of cooperative writing.

At New Worlds Project, the role-playing game is the subject of continual scrutiny to ensure role-players have fun. In 2007, some of the feedback from members and observers lead to the creation of New Worlds: "Target Locked" - a place where role-players could concentrate on individual characters. As characters accomplish missions, they gain new skills and are given ever greater rank and responsibility.

Whilst still in the development phase, Target Locked will eventually feature some classic role-playing game features. For eample, the responsibilities of the character will have long-term impact, as the specialisation of the character will allow the player access to items (and more) that are unique to that specialisation. These developments are on-going, offering players a continually evolving environment that responds to their wishes.

The New Worlds Project can be called a science-fiction project due to its original setting. The role-playing game and creative writing project draw on the same setting as the basis for storylines. This enables contributions (either to the game or the project) to be mutually relevant and compatible.

What's the New Worlds setting like? We invite you to read the small teaser in "Why Should I Read On?" However, if you are pressed on time, here's a small introduction:

Welcome to the 26th Century - for centuries now mankind has travelled the stars and built an interstellar empire that is counted amongst the major powers of the known galaxy. During the 25th Century, the known galaxy has known an extended period of relative peace. A second Pax Romana, the crowning achievement of the Organisation for Interstellar Peace. Yet lurking in the shadows are tensions amongst the major powers: the guardians of that peace.

These tensions explode in extraordinary fashion in 2501. What begins as a small border dispute between Humans and Gohorns becomes all out war. Powerless, the O.I.P. tries in vein to stop the expansion of this war. By 2502, war has spread
through most of the known galaxy.

With over 5 years of development, the New Worlds Project's setting is well developed, intricate and accounts for several thousand pages of content. It provides an excellent, flexible, and surprisingly open platform for the writing of all kinds of stories (from novels to short stories, from romance to thriller).

In the previous sections, we have spent a great deal of time introducing the various unique aspects of the New Worlds Project. Writers will certainly find a home in our science-fiction creative writing community. Can this and its role-playing project counterpart be a community for others as well?

The answer must be a resounding yes. For many years, the New Worlds Project has attracted the skills and interest of
all kinds of people from all walks of life. Several graphic artists have been welcomed into our community and have over the years created many of the graphics you see around you. Likewise, we've been able to welcome musicians who have created original theme songs for us.

Readers too, will find that there is a wealth of stories to be read. From full length novels to short stories, the Project is a flourishing centre of creativity.

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