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Highlighting our target audiences and the benefits they can expect
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The New Worlds Project, as a science-fiction play-by-post and creative writing community, is certainly a website which won't attract everyone. Science-fiction appeals only to a certain crowd, and even then it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be interested with New Worlds' particular application of the concept.

"Writers, off course!"
The New Worlds Project is first and foremost a community for writers by writers. The Project is a creative writing community that seeks to break the loneliness one often feels as a writer. The Project offers an active and welcoming community. At the core of our community is an interesting, captivating, and complex story.

"Don't forget role-players!"
The New Worlds Project also is a role-playing game, and many role-players who enjoy play-by-post (play-by-forum) gaming will also find a good home here. We are an active and stable game with several years behind us. Our role-players strive for quality and strive for good fun.

"Schools, teachers, and students!"
We are in the process of operationalising our methods to be applied in a more academic environment. The New Worlds Project's non-profit corporation was created on October 2006 with a mission to raise awareness of play-by-post gaming as a methodology which could be used in academic environments with great success. In the very near future we will be able to provide schools with specialised solutions for their creative writing groups, classes, and projects that will enable them to reap the rewards of our established setting. Visit http://nwproject.org for more information on this.

"A Reader's Delight"
The Project has a wealth of stories, finished and unfinished for readers to read from. Finished novels are available for download and provide a good read in anybody's spare time. Visiting the site can be a fun reading experience indeed.

"Projects for Non-Writing Artists too!"
Whether a graphic artist or a musician, the New Worlds Project also runs supporting project teams who work together to add further dimensions to the science-fiction setting that we work so hard to build.

The previous sections have all highlighted to what extent our science-fiction creative writing community is geared towards the writers. Below is a list of benefits that you can expect to get from being a participant of the New Worlds Project.

- A developed, rich setting that helps unlock your imaginative potential

- Community support to help you get settled in and learn the setting

- Active community of likeminded people to talk to about writing and with whom to write.

- A place for novices to get exposure for their writings due to our guaranteed publication of completed New Worlds stories on the website.

- Forums to post New Worlds-based non-completed works for feedback within the community.

- Forums to post non-New Worlds related non-completed & completed works for feedback within the community.

- A game-based learning approach to help improve your writing.

- A chance to continually work on important components of good fiction plot development, character development, dialogue, and descriptive narration

- A stable community that has existed for many years, that creates networks of friendships for writers to talk about their craft.

The New Worlds Project is as much about science-fiction creative writing as it is about sci-fi role-playing. Accordingly, the New Worlds Project can also offer a great deal of benefits for those wishing to participate in the New Worlds Project's roleplaying game.

- A developed setting from which to base your characters and role-plays and that helps inspire your imaginative potential

- Open-minded approach to role-plays allowing your imagination to roam free.

- Proactive staff support and participation in storylines

- An approach that emphasizes cooperation and participation amongst role-players.

- Space for a good variety of stories

- Publication of completed role-plays in prominent areas of the website.

- A stable community that has existed for many years.

The New Worlds Project creative writing project and role-playing game has become the inspiration for the creation of a not-for-profit organization that will aim to apply methodically the approach we have developed over the years. Accordingly, the academic sector will soon be able to benefit as well. We will be able to provide solutions suited to the specific needs of each class or school project.

- The setting, in a more limited, easy-to-digest form will become available as the basis of common creative writing projects for classes. It will help focus and unlock imaginative potential.

- Each class benefits from a separate forum and can use the methods we've learned to create a common project. Students and classes work together to further improve the setting.

- Students are able to see the work of their peers and can collaborate together in writing stories.

- A chance for students and teachers to publish their results and to get some exposure without excessive effort on the students' or teachers[ part.

- A fun, game-based approach will ensure that classes using this project will have students remembering the experience as a useful and fun opportunity to improve their writing skills.

Fans of science-fiction stories will find a treasure awaiting them. The New Worlds Project welcomes so-called "lurkers" to watch its science-fiction creative writing project in action. The role-playing game also provides a continuous source of new sci-fi reads. The Project will keep you reading for many, many days.

- The New Worlds Project setting counts over 250 pages of background information on the setting. The Omnipedia is a chronicle of everything from day-to-day living to advanced technical specification files of destroyer-type starships.

- The Project has 3 full length novels completed, with more on the way.

- The Project has well over 4000 posts of role-playing, each featuring a detailed chapter of a character's living experience within the 26th century.

- The ability to get close to some up and rising sci-fi author, behind every New Worlds member is a potential Asimov.With New Worlds, it's easy to give authors feedback directly.

The New Worlds Project has continually been open to overtures by non-writing artists to contribute to the New Worlds Project. The Project features a full-time graphics design project that supports the creative writing project and the role-playing game's goal of an ever more intricate setting. The sci-fi project has also been the host of musicians' imaginations.

- The New Worlds Project is an enthusiastic audience for graphic artists; we provide a number of forums for you to post your work.

- Images contributed to the New Worlds Project are used each and every day to inspire storylines. Your image could very well inspire a novel.

- Images are credited, authors retain ownership of graphics submitted to the New Worlds Project

- A challenging project that encompasses a huge variety of tasks and demands.

- Artists are supported by the Administration, given guidance, and have a small, tight-knit community of like-minded peers to discuss and improve their craft.

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