What if I'm not a Writer?
Going beyond the writing, and into other creative projects
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The New Worlds Project is opened to anyone who wishes to contribute to it. Whilst the New Worlds Project is primarily a creative writing and role-playing community, we have developed support networks for graphic artists especially. We have also supported projects by musicians in the past.

If you have an idea, it will probably find a welcome home here at New Worlds. Just contact us using our contact form
and outline what your idea is. We'll see if there's a way for us to work it into the Project and ensure that it gets the widest audience possible.

The New Worlds Project is continually seeking volunteer graphics designers willing to contribute to the graphics design project. In order to be a part of the graphics design project, we invite you to contact us using our contact form

The New Worlds Project's graphic design project's scope is massive; we are looking for graphics designers to design alien species, starships of all shapes and sizes, fightercrafts, hover-crafts, futuristic city scenes, and much more.

If you wish to join the Project, please send an e-mail at graphics(at)rpgnewworlds.net with examples of your previous works. Someone from the Team will try and respond as soon as possible.

Know someone who might be interested in the New Worlds Project? This science-fiction creative writing community has been the home of many greater writers and has provided many lurkers hours of enjoyment. If you know someone who may be interested in what we do, please do let them know about our URL! Word of mouth remains amongst the best
ways for us to be discovered and your help to spread the word is crucial.

Also, we are always interested in link exchanges or partnerships with websites whose communities may be interested in our work. You can contact our External Relations Office if you're interested in forming up such an exchange or
know of a website which might be of interest to us. Our e-mail address is: admin(at)rpgnewworlds.net.

Thank you in advance for your help, every bit helps to make the New Worlds Project better known to the outside world.

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