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The Reboot Continues!

  Hello New Worlds Members,

The end of April is almost upon us and whilst we hoped to have the new website ready to launch, it's proven to be a much more laborious process than we expected. We did want to keep you informed about our ongoing activities to keep you salivating over the upcoming New Worlds Project reboot!

Website development continues to gather pace, and we've just signed a contract with Unlimited Online Storage to become our future website hosting provider. We'll have a dedicated server all to ourselves!

We've got some amazing marketing being pulled together to grow the community again once the website development is at a stage where we're more confident about the launch date. We're hopeful that by Autumn 2014 we'll have it all set, but every time we've set a deadline we've had to push it to later...

That's not to say we're not moving forward. Check out the things you can look forward to:

Play-by-Post? No! We're play-by-web

We've been testing a new and advanced content management system developed exclusively for New Worlds Project. This new advanced system will become the home of all of our stories, characters, and info sheets on the New Worlds Project setting. It is the reason why the development is taking much longer than we expected as the system will offer everything we've ever dreamed of in terms of full control over our content. The system is also much better able to handle collaborative writing the way we do it at New Worlds Project.

If you follow us on Facebook, you'll see some beautiful screenshots of the system being developed. So don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Graphics, more graphics

We've spent a considerable portion of our financial resources on commissioning exciting graphics covering city-scapes, new conceptual artwork of the starships of New Worlds Project, conceptual art of the species... We've almost finished a commissioning round revisiting each and every of the major species of New Worlds Project and they will appear prominently on the new website. Starport Nuribis is also a commission in progress, so we hope that you're looking forward to the new site providing you lots of eye-candy to get your writing going!

A full-length soundtrack - soon available

We've commissioned a full-length soundtrack from the award-winning musician Michael Shipway, who composed our original theme song. The full-length soundtrack will feature 13 tracks representing the anthems of the major powers. The soundtrack's going to be a great companion to anyone working on New Worlds Project, so we hope you'll be numerous in purchasing tracks for it to support the project!

Mobile-ready website

Yes, the new website of New Worlds Project can be used easily on any mobile and tablet device. Our website development team enabled full responsive design several weeks ago, and whilst it added a bit of development time, we're convinced that having a mobile ready website will make New Worlds Project more accessible than ever!

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