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The Gohorn Species
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The Gohorns are humanoid in form (they have been classified with the conventional two arms and two legs); however they are on average both taller and stronger than the average human.

Gohorns are normally 3 meters tall (9/10 feet.) They are broad and have large, muscled limbs. The Gohorns' quasi-lizard ancestry is the cause of their green skin, of which there are many different shades. Like ethnic minorities amongst the Terrans, there are ethnic minorities amongst the Gohorns because of their skin colour. This difference in skin colouring has led to the birth of many variations on the Gohorn culture.

All Gohorns wear their black hair long, and it is not uncommon to find Gohorn male warriors with braided hair that goes all the way down to their thighs. The females braid their hair differently from the males. Claws replace finger-nails and Gohorns have two larger upper incisors, earning them the early nicknames "Draculas." Possessing leathery skin and red eyes, their faces are arranged in much the same fashion as humans; however generally wider.

The Gohorns are also a more robust species. Their susceptibility to natural disease and illness is low due to a highly evolved immune system. Because of this, Gohorns live for, on average, 150 years. This figure is augmented by advances in medical technology - the oldest Gohorn still of fighting ability has been registered as 250 years old.

Gohorns have sharp eyesight, but a weak sense of smell.

There is no difference between the strengths of males and females and to the human eye little difference in appearance between the sexes.

The Gohorns have no telepaths.

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