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Dominion Species

Those who fall under the Gohorn circle of influence
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Conquered by the Gohorn Directorate in the 22nd century, the Graerens were a peaceful society of pacifists dedicated to the pursuit of technological advancement. Their culture was based around a desire to improve their standard of living, and thus the Graerens had far superior technology in some realms from the Directorate.

Graerens are amphibious, and thus can only survive in very moist, very wet atmospheres. Without it, they can no longer respire and so they die. They have blue skin and four, wide arms that also serve as paddles when in water. Their eyes are large and lidless, and the only other facial feature they posses is a small mouth. Their lack of features gives them almost mannequin-like appearances, which it is speculated is an evolutionary trait to allow them to blend in better with the colour of the water.

Graeren society was not prepared to fight a war against the Gohorns. Their culture is rich and old, the Graerens have recorded history going back two thousand years. However, due to their reclusive nature brought on by their specific climatic requirements, there was little need amongst the Graerens for a military, as violence amongst their culture was renounced centuries before. The Graerens are herbivorous, and thus their understanding of violence is incredibly limited. Their people were conquered by the Directorate for their advanced aqua-technology and their high-pressure underwater construction techniques, many of which could be adapted to provide better armoured plating on Gohorn warships.

The Directorate maintains light control over the planet, the Graerens restriction to their watery world means that the only place any rebellion can begin to ferment is underwater, but the Graerens have so little understanding of violence that no rebellion has ever gotten past its infantile stages.

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