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Becarl Missile Cruiser

The Panark's successor, a missile platform not to be underestimated
in The 26th Century > Space Vehicles & Facility > Starships > Velakor - Gohorn Ships
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Author Information
Advanced Technical Specification Files

1 (Model FHAV) Laser Turrets: 600 megawatts discharge. These lasers are located in fore section of the ship and are designed for Forward Firing.

1 (Model AHAVII) Laser Turrets: 575 megawatts discharge. These Lasers are located in aft section of the ship and are designed for Rear Firing.

1 (Model PHAVIII) Laser Turrets: 575 megawatts per discharge. These Lasers are located in the port section of the ship and are designed for Port Firing.

1 (Model SHAIV) Laser Turrets: 600 megawatts per discharge. These Lasers are located in the starboard Section of the ship for Starboard Firing.

Anti-Fightercraft System
Manufacturer: Velakor Research Initiative, Gohorn Prime
System Type: Version VIII-GVMW-AB
Number of Anti-fightercraft Gun Batteries: 8

10 LLMN Missile Bays: 10 Missile Tubes, 3 fore, 3 aft, 2 starboard and 2 port. Available Payload of 450 missiles, Reload time is 8 seconds.

article index
page 1 : Vitals
page 2 : Brief History of the Creation of the Class
page 3 : Dimensions
page 4 : Crew Capacity
page 5 : Vortex Drive System
page 6 : Defensive System
page 7 - current : Weapons Systems
page 8 : Special System
page 9 : Support Craft
page 10 : Deck Analysis
page 11 : Module Layouts

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