Crim III "Tank-Buster" Gunboat
Hover-craft whose main task is to take down enemy tanks and troops with superior speed and firepower
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Commissioned: HD: 468.08.05
Current Assignment: Main tank-buster hover craft
Type: Tank Buster
Classification: Gunboat
Construction Site: Minit Military Company, Gerolden XII

Brief History of the Crim III
The Crim III gunboat is a third generation gunboat that was constructed during the 2450s and the 2460s, the last one being produced in 2468. The Crim III gunboat was designed to be a power platform designed with one purpose in mind, destroying tanks from the air. The Crim III has since been complemented with serious technological upgrades that have increased its anti-personnel weaponry. The Crim III is a most useful addition to the Legionnaire's available technologies.

Length: 15,2 meters
Beam: 4,5 meters
Height: 4.5 meters
Gross Mass: 22.4 tonnes

Crew Capacity
Operating Crew Capacity: 2 (Pilot, Weapons Operator)

Hover Engine Systems
Impulse Engine Construction & Assembly: Minit Military Company - Propulsion Division, Gerolden XII
Impulse Engine Type: 1 M1041-Hover Fusion Reactor
Normal Speed: 320 kilometers per hour
Maximum Speed: 363 kilometers per hour
Emergency Speed: 380 kilometers per hour
Destructive Speed: 390 kilometers per hour

Weapons Systems
Manufacturer: Royal Armaments Consortium, Gerolden XII
Model: 25mm MIC-JVC
Ouput: 70 megawatts
Number of laser turrets: 2 fore (360 degrees swivel turrets)

Modulable with:

Manufacturer: Royal Armaments Consortium, Gerolden XII
Model: KWAD-129 Air-to-Surface Tank Killing Missiles
Range: 4500 kilometers
Missiles Payload: 4

Manufacturer: Royal Armaments Consortium, Gerolden XII
Model: RAAT-20G Anti-Personnel Cannon Pod
Anti-Personnel Pallets: 20
(1 discharge of 10 pallets equivalent to 1000 small arms laser discharges)

Deflector Systems
Missile/Torpedo Interceptors:
Interceptors Type: Air-Shield Interceptors
Interceptors Manufacturer: Omega Deflector Systems Division, Rosebourg Prime
Range of Interceptors: 2100 kilometers
Interceptors Payload: 4

Deck Analysis
Level 1: Forward Section: Main Flight Control Center and Weapons Control System
Level 1: Lasers and Torpedo Launcher
Level 2: Module Connections

Various Information
The evolution of the helicopter gunboat, this hover-craft is able to fly much higher altitudes than a hover tank, giving it the additional benefits associated with being a mid-air craft. The Crim III's armaments are deadly and are able to strike fear in any military force sent to fight it. Much more heavily protected against missile attacks, the Crim III (while being originally a tank-buster) has progressively evolved to become an equally deadly anti-personnel craft. Its only weakness is that its modules carry a very limited amount of amunitions so that after two shots, a Crim III is forced to return to base to get them reloaded. This in turn involves major turn-around time meaning the Crim III's can only give very limited coverage and has a limited time to make a difference on the battlefield.

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